The Tennis Struggle

Today before heading to the tennis

Me: “I wish I knew someone just a little bit better than me that I could practice with.”

Will: “Like me… Sitting in a chair?”


Oh well, I’m thankful that he humors me and lets me slowly improve. :) But if there’s anyone out there who can match the on-court prowess of Will one-handed in a chair, hit me up and let’s play!

Book Club with Celebs (Namely Ekpe Udoh @ekpeudoh )

So, while many of you were enjoying normal meh-type weekends rife with yardwork and cabinet-organizing and things of that nature, the Tates were, of course, busy doing awesome things. (This is actually in direct opposition to some of our usual weekends, which include thrilling activities like getting diplomas custom-framed and taking BOTH vehicles to the car wash. Yeah, that’s right – we live on the edge.)

This past weekend, we spent the day at the coolest, most amazing book club meeting in the history of the world. Ekpe Udoh, former Baylor superstar, NBA lottery pick and current Milwaukee Bucks big man, invited our whole Twitter book club to a meet-up in Dallas. Can you imagine – knowing me – the elation this event caused? Bringing together Baylor, basketball, Twitter and reading is a sure fire success in my book.

And, Ekpe was the consummate host. He treated us to lunch and dinner, took us on an educational outing, made us bond through an intense Fault in Our Stars sobfest and was all-around amazing. I really can’t imagine many people putting this much time and effort into arranging a celebration like this for their dear family members/friends. Ekpe is the kind of person who was willing to put this event together – and to bring together a couple dozen people he knew only through social media – and to be extremely generous with us and exceedingly thoughtful in the planning and execution processes.

When Ekpe was at Baylor, I remember reading about how he pushed his teammates to do more, to excel and to strive for excellence. I remember an article about how he added running as a team to their workouts, giving everyone extra incentive and motivation. That unforgettable season, which included an Ekpe triple-double, a buzzer-beating hook shot against Hartford and an Elite Eight run, solidly cemented me as a fan of Ekpe Udoh the basketball player. This past weekend made me an even bigger fan of Ekpe Udoh the person.

If you have a chance, watch for upcoming book club sign-ups on Ekpe’s Twitter account, or just jump into the conversation. It’s fun, thought-provoking and worth your while.

Also, while most of this post is about Ekpe, I have to give a bit of a shout-out to my fellow book club members. Who would have thought you could bring a group of people together from across the US and have them click together pretty much instantaneously? After the obligatory couple of minutes of eighth-grade dance wall-holding-up, we were all chatting away like lifelong friends. Special shout-outs to Brandon and Kelsey, the nicest and most down-to-earth brother-sister duo, Kristen, my fellow PR-ista (of whom I have total job envy – sports PR!), Elle, tearful reading-and-bonding partner, and Jan, fellow Baylor Bear, resident book club teacher’s pet and sharer of deep thoughts. I would keep going but there were too many amazing people there to list every single one. I can only hope everyone keeps reading so we can get together again!

So, what has your book club done for
you lately? If you’re not reading about Hazel and Augustus, crying, toasting champagne and loving life, you may want to reconsider and sign up for Ekpe’s Book Club ASAP!

Thanks again, Ekpe, for an amazing weekend!

Baylor family represented well in the club!

Summer is Here – On the Upside, Maybe I’m a Demigod


In yet another incidence of life imitating art (by which I mean, me comparing my life to a nerdy book), I know that it is undoubtedly summer.

Why? Well, let’s start with the literary part. Do you remember the story of how spiders were invented? You know Arachne was a weaver, blah blah, she said she was better than Athena, blah blah, Athena got all offended and ragey as those crazy Greeks are prone to do, blah blah, and she turned Arachne into a spider. She was all, “Oh, so you think you can weave? How about I make you have string coming out of your stomach for the rest of your life? How about you weave your own house? How about you catch your own food – which will be disgusting flies, by the way – by, you guessed it, weaving?” Athena pretty much took it as far as you can go. By the way, shout out to Percy Jackson for reminding me of this story (that’s the nerd part).

Well, then, how does this apply to my life, you may well be asking? I haven’t turned a single enemy into an insect or arachnid, even though I have plenty of them. Enemies, that is, although I really prefer and frequently use the term Nemesis, which, if Rick Riordan’s writing serves me correctly, is another Greek. Whoa, this is so mythological of me.

Sorry, tangent.

Anyway, so after Arachne became a spider, she and her creepy children hated Athena. And in Percy Jackson, spiders are always following and tormenting Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. Well, that’s me, except I must be a descendant of whichever myth out there created or mortally offended the mosquito. Seriously. My family can attest to this; mosquitoes love me. They flock, fly, swarm around me. Yesterday was the tipping point where I discovered that mosquitoes are here for the rest of the year, and with a vengeance. I was outside in the balmy San Antonio heat for literally and actually LESS THAN TWO MINUTES and I was immediately assuaged by these nightmare bloodsucking mini-monsters. I have bites all around my ankles from that short 100 seconds in the outdoor world – why they chose to focus on one specific area, I have no clue. But it is not fun and I can look forward to that bug-grudge-match for the remainder of the summer. Pretty much my legs will go from “death-laser-pale-white” to “is-that-leprosy-oh-no-just-mosquitoes” in a matter of days.

So, if possible, I’d like to proclaim a truce with the insect world. And, more importantly, I need to research my mythological heritage so I can figure out what amazing powers I’ve been neglecting so far in life. Maybe I should be able to turn invisible or make flames in my hands or pull precious jewels from the ground with my mind (that would be a pretty good one, except for them being cursed and all that. Oh yeah, spoiler. Sorry.) Any ideas?

30th Birthday Plans Set

Okay, we’ve found the way to ease the 30th birthday woes. 

According to Will, it’s basically eating our way into a coma on fried green tomatoes, she-crab soup, and fluffy coconut cake while listening to jazz music. 

We’re spending a long weekend in Charleston, South Carolina to celebrate being 30 together. 

Great food, great beaches, great plantations, great music. All happening exactly one month from today (which would be one week after my actual birthday, but who’s counting?). And, it’s a joint celebration of Will’s birthday, since he did have to spend his in College Station, which is no decent way for a man to live. 

So, who out there has been to Charleston, and what should be on a can’t-miss-it schedule for a quick weekend getaway? 

TBT Vol. 1: That Time We Went to Cali, Cali (Food Edition)

There are a lot of things in my life that I don’t have blog posts about, but that I obvi think it’s crucial for the world to know about. Seriously, I don’t know how the rest of you have been getting out of bed daily without knowing what I had for lunch on a random Friday two months ago. So, on Wednesdays we wear pink, and on Thursdays, I will post something that happened and that I never got around to blogging:

First up, I told you all about how I went to LA and that Abby picked up at the airport, Psych-style, but I stopped there and left you all breathlessly on the edge of your seats regarding any potential West Coast Shenanigans. And today, I’m only going to stimulate your tastebuds with my abhorrently bad food-tography of tasty things.


Sometimes, I am shocked at things people come up with – and that they are so good. Who ever heard of putting cherries in rice? Added bonus of this restaurant (I forgot its name, sadly) is that the waiter was CLEARLY INFATUATED with my sister, and, of course, she was having none of that, no matter how much free pita she was provided.


Of course, Will had to get his craft beer fix, and luckily, the team hotel (where, no, of course, we were not stalking the players…. it was just a lucky 45-minutes-from-Abby’s house-coincidence) was within walking distance of a crafty little brewery – Oggi’s. I liked the Torrey Pines IPA. I made a horrible food decision here – when a place is called “Pizza and Brewing,” you obvi shouldn’t order a piece of grilled chicken. Totally out-Whataburgered by Will this day.


This calculated-ly hispter pie shop (The Pie Hole) was almost disappointingly simple, and full of people who looked like they might like “pi” equally as much as “pie,” but the pie we had was so good. Between the three of us, we split a piece of crostada (see above – chocolate, caramel, sea-salty goodness) and a piece of apple pie. And, we went totally Truvy from Steel Magnolias’ Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa with it – it was so rich we ate it with ice cream to cut the sweetness.


26 Beach. I love this place. If they had it in San Antonio, I would go there all the time. Seriously. And, not just because you can eat a burger “green-style” (meaning on salad) and delude yourself into thinking the mound of processed beef, pig and goat you’re eating is healthy, BUT because it’s just so freaking adorable. Go look at the pictures of the Garden Room. If I ever get to the point in my life where I can become a full-time writer, somewhere like this is going to be my Les Deux Magots. OHHH, and let me tell you about this burger-salad. Heather would disagree with me, as she thinks the bun makes the burger, but this was one of the BEST burgers I have ever had – fresh beef with crispy goat cheese medallions, Medjool dates and bacon. I’m getting suddenly ravenously hungry just thinking about it.


And to wrap it all up, time-travelling cookies. I say this because I’m pretty sure the good people at Diddy Riese must be doing the same thing as the diner owner in 11-22-63 (that’s not a spoiler – it’s right at the beginning of the book) does so he can keep serving college kids ridiculously cheap hamburgers. Really, there can be no other explanation why a cookie sandwich, which was about 30 times too big for me to finish only costs $1.75. Either that, or the people of Coldstone and Orange Leaf have been seriously preying on the hapless compulsions of we, the ice-cream addicted populace. The sandwich above is two fresh chocolate chip cookies, with peanut butter cup ice cream in the middle. Goodness. (PS Their website has a virtual ice cream sandwich maker – how cute is that?!).

Other things were eaten in the course of this trip, including a special dinner that I will write about later as part of another post, a mid-earthquake Mexican meal and a LOT of Goldfish crackers. But, maybe these are stories for other Thursdays.



Before Old Age Sets In

So, I realized two things yesterday. 

First, it’s been one year since my amazing husband put on a robe and a funny poufy hat and graduated from law school. 

It was also one month from my 30th birthday. Now, I’m not like Will. He wants to be old. He is so happy about all his grey hair and he wants to get wrinkles because “old people get more respect.” His main goal in life is to become that crotchety guy that yells “Get off my lawn!” and “Don’t park in the street!” 

But, I am ambivalent about moving into a new decade, and the realization that I have less than a month left in my 20s makes me feel like I should be doing some wild and crazy things. Once, I made a “30 Before 30″ list and pretty much the only things I accomplished were “Run a 5K” and “Try five new craft beers” (and I did both of those in the same day actually). Well, now I’m feeling inspired to go and find this list and see how many things I actually DID accomplish, because I’m pretty sure I spent the whole day watching Jane Austen movies once also (yeah, my goals for my 20s were super-wild and crazy). 

So, what do you think? What should I do before I turn 30? Anything you have done/wish you had done/plan to do? 

Stay-at-home Life…. Oh, the Exhaustion

So, this morning, I’m just chilling in Will’s hotel room and realizing this: staying home for a living is hard work. I do not currently have the stamina for this. Why?

1) Everywhere I look, I have marketing opinions. So, the poster in the elevator that promotes the fact that there are clean sheets (First – gross. How is that a selling point? Clean sheets should be a given.)? I’m analyzing its marketing effectiveness. The talk show segment on giving to overworked moms? I’m trying to come up with a promo like it and emailing my coworkers about it. What would I do with all these excess energies? I’d probably be exhausting myself with all these overflowing thoughts and end up needing a nap.

2) I straightened my hair today. Because I had nothing else to do while watching TV. So, while I might be better groomed, my arms would be exhausted. Solution? Nap. And we can’t have that. Ponytail on a workday it is.

3) I have teared up on multiple occasions watching TV. Darn you, Rachael Ray, and your tear-jerker-y segments. Darn you, Kristen Bell, for just being a-maz-ing. And crying makes me tired. So, there’s another nap.

Seriously. How adorable is she?!

Basically, I just might spend my days watching TV and making my hair perfectly groomed, then sleeping on it and squashing it down and putting on makeup and crying it off and then sleeping off the crying. Basically, it might be better to just stay in bed. And that wouldn’t even be with any kids involved. I don’t know how stay-at-home ladies do all the chores and kid-watching and shopping and errand-running. Or how working moms handle both sides of the equation. I salute you, ladies, on Mother’s Day Eve Eve, for all you do and the fact that you do it with so much grace and so few naps.